Resin bonding and Bound surfaces

The elegant look of a gravel driveway without the inconvenience…

Our team at Ace Landscapers can create stunning driveways using resin and bound surfaces which remove the inconvenience of gravel but retain the elegant looks.

Resin bonded and bound surfaces can provide safe (non-slip) and hardwearing driveways.

Recent years have seen fantastic advances in the creation of these hardwearing resin surfaces which give the appearance of gravel and shingle without the inconvenience and need to regularly replace the stone.

Resin and bound surfaces come in a wide range of colours and can be combines with various types of paving for an elegant and unique look.

Resin bonded surfaces work best when laid onto concrete or tarmac. Ace Landscapers can provide tarmacking services in preparation for the laying of your resin driveway.

In addition to the resin options we can also offer the option of applying shingle to cold applied tar which gives a hardwearing surface and is a very cost effective option.

We use two main methods for creating these driveways
Resin bonded surfaces: The resin is used to adhere the stone to the surface
Resin bound surfaces: Stone/gravel is mixed with the resin and then trowelled down for a smooth finish.


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