Stunning Patio and Paving Project in Dorking, Surrey

Extensive paving, steps and patio work for a residence in Dorking

In 2017 we were asked to provide a quotation for a paving and steps project in Dorking.  At the time we were unfortunately unable to undertake the work due to previous commitments and the client used a local builder to to carry out his project.  Unfortunately the results were not satisfactory to the client and we were called in to put right some of the issues caused by poor quality brickwork including a 25mm deep permanent puddle in the center of the patio.

We redesigned a number of areas and did our best to recycle as much of the existing paving as we could (around 50{d6c90e2d6203fdfcc58a2514b09acc2f6b3298af5b4b11cf6339abc3f4a0579f} was reused). Using modern porcelain slabs from Marshalls (Marshalls Symphony vitrified paving) and black granite bull nosed steps we relaid the patios with suitable falls to newly installed drains to ensure water drained away properly.

We used oak sleepers to replace the brick walling as this really complemented the colour of the slabs and we also added a built in seat.

In the spring we returned to plant up the beds and add the finishing touches to what is now an impressive outdoor space with a very happy client.